Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Map My Ride App and Website

I haven't actually used this but I see more and more friends posting on Facebook about it so I'm sharing here.  Looks interesting.  Here's the link to Map My Ride.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Whitefish Point 5k-10k

Upcoming event:

2nd Annual Whitefish Point: Run For The Light - Saturday, October 13

For more information click here (registration is at the bottom of the page).

Friday, August 3, 2012

Michigan On Foot Is On Pinterest

I wear many hats.  Besides being a mom and a wife, I'm also a genealogist, a photographer, a graphics designer, a painter, a housekeeper and a volunteer.  I keep busy, sometimes too busy.  I go from one project to another when one priority presents itself or boredom sets in.  Yes, boredom.  I love each of my projects, even if other things in life take me away from another, I still find the road back.

I'm still researching, trying new trails and mapping.  Now that Pinterest exists, I have a separate account for my Pinterest, boards are separated by county.  Some pins I haven't thoroughly read through, so feel free to leave comments on them if they are helpful or not.  I do post pins for snowmobilers and bikers.  I found out that my readers do more than walk.  We are in Michigan and there's so much to do, so that comes to no surprise.

Here's my Pinterest page for Michigan On Foot.

Be sure to stay safe and hydrated on those trails!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hi there! Remember me?

As much as I adore my hobbies and passions, I got called back to work for a 6 month assignment and worked many hours a long way from home.  Now the assignment is over and I'm home for a "spell".  Housework is nearly caught up and I'm getting back into the swing of things.  I've also discovered Pinterest.  So between Blogger, Google Maps, surfing for research, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, I should have a pretty well rounded site going here with a lot of tools for you to work with.  It's really important for me to get this out in a format you can pull up on your phone while out enjoying Michigan.  The more areas I can share, the more choices you have and you can pick what works for you.  Feel free to add a suggestion in the comments.

While I was working I had a chance to visit Stony Creek in Shelby Township (Macomb County).  I took some amazing pictures.  I'll be covering that location soon and sharing some photos as well.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fayette, Michigan - A Ghost Town

This historic town site has a beach, campsite, trails and the town itself as a self-guided museum.  I've been here and camped with 5 teenagers who had a blast.  For more information, see this link for the site dedicated to the town.  If you do visit, be cautious of poison ivy growing along pathways.  Also, if you're able, make a donation, even if only $5.

This page also has information about the town and trails, though I could not locate a map.  There is a map in the parking lot of the town site.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Til our paths meet again...

Today I said goodbye, for now, to a good friend and an amazing person. What does she have to do with you and this blog? As hikers, bikers and outdoor enthusiasts in general, we are at higher risk for things such as skin cancer.

My friend Tina has left us a legacy, defying the statement that the good die young - just because her physical time on earth was only 38 years, she lived many lives during that time frame. She has accomplished what many of us could never do. While cancer was beating her down, her head was held high as she helped others with their journeys. Her strength, class, grace and determination is contagious. She made the most out of the good days and the bad. She never wasted a second, even when she didn't have mobility, she was still fighting the fight.

In her honor, celebrating her spirit and to say thank you for being a part of my life, I share with you the blog of Tina Sullivan, melanoma warrior, and inspiration for Pale Skin Is In. Cancer may have taken her body from us, but it didn't stop her heart, quiet her voice or end her fight. Team Pale Skin Is In is dedicated to continuing where she left off.

To her husband Todd, daughter Teya, parents, brother Cory, extended family and fellow friends - I find it an honor to have known her and if there's anything I can do to continue her journey, I'll be there, you have my prayers and support.

To Tina - Forever in my heart, with the big hair, wrinkling your nose, sticking your tongue out at me saying I'm more stuck up than you are! You have to watch out for those quiet ones, they bite!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Big Spring - Kitch-iti-kipi

Okay, this isn't really so much of a trail or hiking spot, but if you are tired of walking long distances and are up in the UP looking for something breathtaking - here you go. I can't say more about it than what's on that site other than I'll be back here every time I'm in the area. The kids had a great time, amazed at the fish, watching coins fall to the bottom of the spring and steering the raft.